The Rooftop at the Embassy Row Hotel

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The Only Rooftop Pool in Dupont

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We’re sorry.

We have no news for you today.

Well, just this: the only rooftop pool in Dupont, The Rooftop at the Embassy Row Hotel, opens to the public on Tuesday.

So yeah. This is a good thing for your summer. But you probably have questions. To wit:

Wasn’t this already here?
Yes, it was. But it closed in 2013. Then, the hotel spent $500,000 refurbishing it. With cabanas. Chaise lounges. A full bar. Stuff like that.

How does it look?
Pretty good. See for yourself.

What can you view from here?
The Washington Monument. The National Cathedral. You’re nine stories up, so... most of DC.

How’s the pool?
It’s fine. Not super big, but big enough. And blue. Very blue.

How do I get up there?
Buy a day pass for $25. Or stay in the hotel. Or track down one of the all-season passes for $500. There are only 20 of those, though, so good luck.

Any food or anything?
Did we not mention that? Yes. They’ve got a Hell’s Kitchen vet whipping up kale salads, whitefish tacos, grilled brats and ramen burgers. Which you can pair with vodka cocktails like the Rooftop Escape.

Should I bring sunglasses?

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