True Grit

An App That Finds You Sporty Friends

None Hundreds of people are out there doing it right now.



Slapping each other’s skin.

And turns out, they want you to join in on the fun.


Oh, dear. That kind of sounded like...

Well, regardless, it’s just Gritness, a new app that automatically links you up with like-minded individuals in your area for the sole purpose of playing sports and things, available now for iPhone and Android.

Feel that?

That’s the feeling of you not mountain biking or running or swimming or doing yoga with a bunch of very fit, very welcoming strangers. Bad feeling, we know. We’ve been there. We’ve all been th...

Anyway, this is how it works: you tell it your favorite activities and where you’re located. Then it finds you places to do those activities with other willing, motivated and probably-Lululemon-clad groups of people.

The groups will show up like little radar blips on a map. Click on one: might be a bunch of people doing CrossFit somewhere. Nah. Click on another: might be a late-night bike crawl getting ready to happen. Better.

See, totally not talking about sex.

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