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An Art House with a Crazy Snack Bar

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In a world where you can take a beer to your movie seat, nothing is as it seems...

Actually, everything is as it seems. You buy a beer. You take it to your seat.

But anyway...

Time to sit in the dark for the Angelika Pop-Up, a thinking man’s date spot in the same industrial building that houses the Dolcezza gelato factory, opening Friday.

From the same folks behind the art house in New York, this looks like the kind of place a teenaged Quentin Tarantino would have hung out. On one cinder-block wall: DC movie posters (JFK, The Distinguished Gentleman). On another: vintage posters from ’70s drive-in fare (Dagmar’s Hot Pants, Inc.).

In the back: three micro theaters (less than 50 people each) where you’ll see mostly indie/artsy releases and documentaries. Think subtitled tales of palace intrigue and forbidden love, and Mike Myers’s new documentary, Supermensch.

But hold up. Don’t go back there just yet. Hit the big concession stand. Grab a local beer, maybe a glass of wine, take a seat on a sofa and start a debate about the all-time greatest cinematographers.

When showtime nears, you’ll pick from the crazy array of snack foods—boxed cotton candy from Hawaii, Jeni’s ice cream sandwiches, Thai curry popcorn, crunchy kale chips.

Raisinets: you’re on notice.


Angelika Pop-Up
550 Penn St NE
(one block north of Union Market)
Washington, DC, 20002


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