Bean Spirit

A Coffee Maker That’s Also a Thermos

None Coffee is important to you.

It wakes you up.

It’s delicious.

It comes with those little brown sleeves.

The problem: you haven’t been making it with Hey Joe, a new coffee thermos that doubles as a full-on portable coffee maker because, sure, why not. It’s available for preorder now.

Brass tacks: this is a coffee maker that goes where you go. And you don’t have to plug it in. And the science behind it is... actually too complicated to get into here. But as far as you’re concerned, it’s simple.

There’s water, there’s a pod of coffee grounds, and there’s a button. Fill the thing with water, place the pod into the slot on the side, push the button, and in about three minutes: coffee. Then you drink it. At home. At work. While doing a backflip in line at Chipotle. Anywhere, really.

But it’s June. Which means you may or may not want some iced coffee every once in a while. Well, that button we mentioned—push it three times and, like some sort of bean wizard, this thing makes you cold-drip coffee.

Looks like you’ll need to start carrying coffee pods around.

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