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An All-Summer Ministry of Supply Pop-Up

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Let’s take a quick break to thank the scientific community.

For pasteurization. For electricity. For string cheese.

But especially for a new room on Newbury Street full of pants from the future...

Blinding you with science is Ministry of Supply H1, a pop-up store full of high-tech clothes that plans on sticking around all summer long, now open.

This is from Ministry of Supply, as the name suggests. They’re basically what would happen if Neil deGrasse Tyson and Daniel Craig collaborated on a line of dashing things to wear to the office. And now, their laser-cut chinos and temperature-regulating dress shirts have a semipermanent home.

The inside is all minimalist and future-y. White walls and a big projector screen looping product tests and design videos. The occasional Erlenmeyer flask and graduated cylinder. And... clothes.

You’ll find them neatly hung behind glass panels inscribed with scientific diagrams explaining how clothes-technology works. Like the coffee-infused Atlas socks that cancel out foot odors. Or the way those Atmos T-shirts keep you cool with robotically knit ventilation points. That’s clothes-technology.

And in back, there’s a monthly changing “labs” section featuring prototype designs. Currently, it’s an Atmos tee engineered to weigh 17% lighter than the current model.

They’ll get to 18% someday.


Ministry of Supply H1
299 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02115


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