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Indochino Sets Up Shop in Back Bay

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What are you doing in four weeks?

If it’s something other than “wearing new suit, possibly drinking martini,” reconsider your priorities.

Reconsider them all the way to Indochino, the brick-and-mortar incarnation of that online Canadian haberdasher that’s about to make you a right nice custom suit, now open on Newbury Street.

Yep. Canada. Turns out, they wear suits up there, too. Nice suits. Like the custom ones these guys have been making since ’07 as an online retailer. Now, they’re settling down in the real world.

There’s no inventory in here. Just racks on racks of draped fabrics and the occasional black leather sofa (yes, much like the kind in this slideshow).

You’re here for an hour-long appointment, during which time you’ll be measured in 14 different ways and ask yourself questions about a shirt or suit that doesn’t exist yet. Questions like:

“Green corduroy: too Wes Anderson?”

“When’s my next excuse to wear a white shawl-collar tuxedo jacket?”

“Are contrast-color buttonholes appropriate for my workplace? Should I really even give a sh*t?”

Then, your order is sent to their tailors in Shanghai, and in four weeks you’ve got a new suit.

We’re sure it’ll be excited to meet you, too.

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