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A Nice Montreal Outfitter Lands on Newbury

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Wow, Memorial Day really snuck up on us this year.

So we can’t fault you for not having all your striped linen shirts and whiskey-scented soaps in a row.

But we can help.

Follow the trail to Frank & Oak Boston, the first US brick-and-mortar location from the mostly online-based Canadian haberdashery, open now on Newbury Street.

Maybe you’re already familiar. Maybe not. But to recap: 1) they’re based in Montreal, 2) all their stuff is manufactured and designed in-house, and 3) every month, they’ll introduce a new collection of about 30 wearable items, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Such is life.

Inside, it’s all wood floors and white walls, broken only by the occasional sofa or Smith-Corona typewriter (here’s the slideshow). And folded/hanging everywhere are linen sports coats, cotton popovers and nylon bomber jackets. The kind of classically minimalist whatnots your mysteriously interesting, French-Canadian cousin might wear to see Arcade Fire.

“That’s all great,” you say, “but where can I find an Italian leather weekender or laptop case?”

Right here.

“And what if I need some whiskey-scented shaving soap from Portland General Store?”

Still here.

“How about an original pressing of Abbey Road signed by Buzz Aldrin?”

You’ve gone too far.


Frank & Oak Boston
220 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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