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Dinner Party Atlanta Gets into the Kickball Game

None It’s dark.

You’re sitting at a candlelit dinner table with dozens of strangers.

The cocktails are flowing. The courses are arriving. The conversation is stimulating.

But it’s weird, because everyone’s covered in dirt...

Looks like you’ve found yourself in the throes of the Dinner Party Atlanta Kickball League, a new collaboration between GO Kickball and what is shaping up to be the summer’s most randomly athletic roving supper club, now taking sign-ups for games and dinners starting June 16.

It’ll start off as most games involving a bouncy red ball do: with unnecessarily aggressive strategies and high fives and probably beers. When the game ends... yeah, that’s when it gets good. Because that’s when your team will be told to meet at a previously disclosed location to do previously undisclosed things.

And since the only way to secure an invite to the dinners is to sign up for the league, go ahead and do that. You can go the free-agent route and get picked up by an existing team to compete against groups like the Sound Table and Cypress Street. Or you can just start your own team. Either way: secret dinner after.

It could be anywhere. You could be served anything. No rules, really.

Maybe don’t high-kick anything at dinner, though.
Note: <a href="http://www.gokickball.com/atlanta/" target="_blank">Dinner Party Atlanta Kickball League</a>, Mondays starting June 16, 6:30pm, <a href="https://www.gokickball.com/atlanta/services/registration.htm" target="_blank">register here</a> by Tuesday, using code “dinner”


Dinner Party Atlanta Kickball League

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