River Boarding

The River Wild

Bodysurfing Down a Very Wet Ski Slope

None It’s warm out there. Get used to it.

Also: get a plan in order for dealing with it.

Like maybe a popsicle and a fan.

Or maybe clinging to a boogie board through a gauntlet of whitewater.

Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Don your wetsuit for River Boarding, which basically has you bodysurfing through the only mountaintop whitewater course anywhere, now open for the summer season.

What this is: a 1,700-foot, man-made whitewater course built on top of a ski resort. With the occasional wave machine that creates Class II to IV rapids. Which is probably why international canoe and kayak teams come here to train.

What you’ll do (assuming you’re not on an international kayak team): grab a bodyboard and launch yourself down a watery ramp into it all. Well, not right away. First you’ll get outfitted with a board, some flippers and a helmet. You’ll also sign a waiver. Then they’ll walk you through the basics.

And then you’re off. Racing your buddy. “Surfing” a standing wave as you paddle against it like an oversize salmon. Or just seeing how fast you can go, aided by the 24-foot elevation drop.

Hope you like 24-foot elevation drops.


River Boarding
at Adventure Sports Center International
250 Adventure Sports Way
McHenry, MD, 21541

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