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They’ll Put a Brewery Anywhere These Days

I None n Greek mythology, Orpheus was a prophet who had the ability to charm anyone or anything with his music.

In Piedmont Park, Orpheus is a... brewery.

Raise a pint to Orpheus Brewing, a shiny new suds factory nestled amongst the trees in the park that is Piedmont, opening for its maiden tour on Memorial Day.

The tasting room is just as it should be. That’s to say: to the point. There’s a bar, some scattered high-tops, thick floor-to-ceiling windows separating you from all the beer-making paraphernalia. A patio that overlooks a wooden bridge and a babbling brook outside.

And it’ll really work out, this whole opening-on-Memorial-Day thing. They’ll give you a glass filled with something. A sour-mash sasion called Serpent Bite. An Atalanta (the virgin huntress from Greek mythology, not the typo) made with cold-pressed plums.

Then they’ll show you around. Here are four fermentation tanks. That’s a dedicated sour-mash vessel. Over there’s that two-level patio where you’ll spend your afternoons drinking double IPAs.

Maybe hang back when you get to that part.


Orpheus Brewing
1440 Dutch Valley Pl NE
Atlanta, GA, 30324

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