Lonely Island

A Private Island on the Chesapeake

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We’re not sure why you’d need an island. (Well, maybe you need to escape Bob Woodward.) But we know why you’d want an island. Because it’s almost summer, dammit. Here’s one for sale now, Jefferson Island, smack in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Below, some relevant data...

Approximate distance, in miles, from the mainland Eastern Shore: 2
Length of boat trip, in miles, to the island: depends on your boat
Acres of terra firma comprising the island: 20.5
Year the main ranch house was built: 1950
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: 5 and 3, respectively
Number of fireplaces: 1
Bedrooms in the guest house: 3
Piers: 1
Number of boats the pier can accommodate: 5 (or one really big boat)
Feet of shoreline: 7,050
Number of Adirondack chairs you could ring the island with: 3,500 (give or take)
Current asking price: $2.8 million
Amount Jimmy Buffett will charge you to come over and help you christen it: probably less than $2.8 million

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