Spain Reliever

Ultralight Spanish Swim Trunks for Summer

There’s only one way to handle this heat wave.

Buy some new swim trunks that weigh less than your pocket change... and start thinking poolside thoughts.

Thoughts with special guest star Swim & Co., a crew of Spaniards making ultralight swimsuits with some pretty highbrow patterns, now shipping stateside.

The fabrics are made in Barcelona. The stitching is done in Andalusia. The designs and patterns involve things like King Edward VII’s tartan plaid or tiny purple flowers inspired by 19th-century floral naïfe paintings. So now you basically have an MFA in swim trunks.

If you just got a save-the-date for some big producer’s annual Malibu pool party—or, you know, you’re going to the beach—the time is now. Go on the website. Carefully weigh whether you’re up for purple naïfe-painting flowers, or whether you prefer the pink Cachemiras.

Whatever you choose, know that the owner says the trunks weigh just 125 grams and might be the lightest trunks ever. If you haven’t mastered the metric system...

You’ll have to take his word for it.

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