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The Dawn of Semi-Intelligent Footwear

None To our dear friend, Dr. Scholl:

It’s time to hang it up, sir.

As for everyone else...

Meet Lechal, a Bluetooth-enabled pair of insoles that know where you’re going, how many steps you’re taking and everything else that futuristic insoles should know, available for preorder now.

So they’re putting activity-tracking computers inside of insoles now. You just insert them into your shoes, sync them with a smartphone app and feel a vibration on either foot when your directions call for a turn. That way, you don’t have to look at your phone’s screen or ask for directions or do other human things that humans do.

Now, they’ve also got some activity-tracking shoes. They look like what Usain Bolt would wear in the 2124 Olympics. But since you’re not Usain Bolt and it’s not 2124, we suggest you stick with the insoles.

And then we suggest using them to help count your steps, track your calories and just basically live a more active and technologically informed life than you normally would.

You’re like this close to being an actual robot now.

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