Madden 2014

Rugged Bags Courtesy of Colorado

The ’70s was not a great decade for fashion.

But damn if it didn’t produce some fine backpacks.

Reacquaint yourself with Madden Equipment, the Colorado-based bag maker that’s been outfitting adventures since 1974. After a 10-year hiatus, they’re back in the game and available online now.

This is very good news for you, assuming you sometimes travel, hike, camp, engage in overnight stays or generally carry things from point A to point B. Because a team of original Madden employees has regrouped to handcraft a collection of rugged backpacks, daypacks, knapsacks and other useful items that rhyme.

If you’re engaging in some serious trekking, try the Daylite. It’s constructed of ripstop nylon and bison leather, so it’s durable. And it’s got dual loops for carrying your ice axe. That’s right, your ice axe.

But if that sounds a little too... inviting-of-serious-injury, they’ve got items modeled after classic book bags and briefcases. Inside those you’ll find handy compartments for carrying everyday things like your camera, a change of clothes, a water bottle and even a magazine.

Great if you’re traveling to the dentist.

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