Rally Volleyball

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Here, Have a Mammoth Sand Volleyball Complex

None It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with yourself this summer.

Now it’s time to stop thinking about what you’re going to do with yourself this summer.

Because clearly you’re spending it at Rally Volleyball, an enormous new sand volleyball facility at an even more enormous new sports complex called LakePoint, now registering for leagues and tournaments.

Something of this size can only be comprehended in numbers. Thus...

Drive time from Atlanta: about 35 minutes
Times the Olympian cofounder was a world volleyball champion: 7
Tons of sand on the 10 sand courts: 4,000
Levels of the open-air cabana: 2
The answer to your “Are bikinis encouraged here?” question: 100% yes
Balls you’ll spike during the Memorial Day BBQ tournament: many
Smoothies you’ll spike with vodka at the bar: many
Giant LED sports lights for night play: 4
Cameras per court they’ll use for live streaming and statistics: 1
Breaks you’ll take to watch Caddyshack (or whatever’s on the outdoor movie screen):
Indoor courts that’ll open by 2015: 24
Grass courts that’ll open in June: 81
Degrees cooler those fields will be due to some crazy new technology that releases moisture from the synthetic turf: at least 50
Times we mentioned this place will have a bar: only 1, somehow


Rally Volleyball
at LakePoint Sporting Community
755 Hwy 293
Emerson, GA, 30137

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