Damn the Torpedo

Like Dropbox. With a Detonator.

None You always feel like... somebody’s watching you.

And you have no privacy.

Now you probably have that song stuck in your head. Sorry.

Anyway, here to help with your trust issues is Torpedo, a new web-based app that creates self-destructing secret links for your sensitive documents—it’s available now.

Think of it like Dropbox... with a detonator. Or like a message from Chief Quimby to Inspector Gadget without any of the malfunctions. You might’ve seen similar apps out there, but this one’s... this one. In matters of privacy, it’s good to have options.

Maybe you’re about to send a getaway itinerary to... well, someone you shouldn’t be getting away with. Or maybe you’re forwarding an important business document containing your real middle name. You don’t want that kind of sensitive information just hanging out in cyberspace. So, this:

Download Torpedo. Drag your file into the app (the gratis version handles just about any kind of file up to 35MB). Then set some healthy boundaries, like a 48-hour window or single download. Then, when one of those things happens, your file disappears from the Torpedo servers forever.

But while it’s there, your data is encrypted and can only be decrypted when you use your private link.

Or your “traveling companion” does.

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