The Boga Man

Handsome New Menswear Out of Chicago

Bogie and Bergman: a love story made in Casablanca.

You and your new shirt: same deal.

Cue a close-up for Boga, a Chicago-based maker of well-engineered sartorial finery with international pedigree, launching online today.

Happily, this launch coincides with your annual spring rite of buying clothes that don’t have words like “thermal” or “fleece” anywhere on them.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Smart dress shirts: Made in Casablanca with high-end cottons from all over, these guys are populated with clever details like whipstitched buttons that keep those little suckers from popping off. (Note: your Clark-Kent-turning-into-Superman gag may suffer.)

Sensible denim: The basic cuts are based on body type—and they figured out your legs aren’t stovepipe-shaped.

Terrifyingly soft tees: Your favorite sports-bar-appropriate T-shirt just got a much-needed injection of touchability. Be prepared for interesting NCAA viewing.

Other stuff: Merino wool sweaters, Italian silk ties, adorable French bulldog logos. You know how women love to pet Frenchies. Well, now there’s one on the inside of your shirt. Do the math.

Put it all together (and you can—everything here basically matches) and you’ve got a khaki-free business-casual ensemble that’s perfect for both wowing some VC guy and then going out to celebrate afterward.

But maybe prepare a PowerPoint or something first.

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