Welcome to the Internet, Band of Outsiders

If you...

a) Routinely wear shirts.
b) Routinely wear pants.
c) Have played Asteroids on Atari 2600.
d) Have pondered the idea of wearing shirts and pants with Atari graphics on them.
e) Would like to know what the hell we’re talking about.

... you’re going to be very satisfied today.

And that’s because Band of Outsiders—yes, the same California-based tailors revered for their unexpected yet dapper exploits with clothes—is now online for the first time ever.

Yep, an actual official website for purchasing Band of Outsiders stuff. It’s what people who enjoy things like lemon-yellow chinos and polo shirts with mismatched sleeves would call “a big deal.” Or “a cause for celebration.” Or “cool.” Hard to know precisely what they would say, but it would be really positive.

You can go a few ways here. On the “Wearable Conversation Piece” end of the spectrum, there’s a button-down with little Atari Asteroids ships printed all over. On the more casual end, there’s a trusty two-button wool blazer. And if you’re looking for something online-exclusive, we’d suggest the wayfarers they collaborated on with a 149-year-old eyewear company from South Carolina.

Also known as the Milan of the South.

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