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A Hill Hideaway of Flasks and Wallets

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Somewhere out there, there’s a spring of 2014.

And we hear it involves Kennedy-tastic stitched belts and beachside quaffing from monogrammed flasks.

At least it could. That’s really up to you.

As long as you can find the Tucker Blair Showroom, the veteran brand’s first brick-and-mortar stash of natty needlepoint goods and endless monogram possibilities, now open in Beacon Hill.

These guys have been around for a while. But their shop hasn’t. Now it is, though. And you’ll gain access by approaching a Beacon Street manse and buzzing intercom 221. Then they’ll ask you to go away. Just kidding, they’ll take you upstairs and maybe crack open a beer for you.

You’ll find patriotism and rakishness in equal proportions here. There’s a big 48-star American flag from the ’50s on the wall. Framed liquor ads from vintage Playboys. And a chocolate sofa where you’ll sit and stare intently into a multicolored barrage of needlepoint patterns.

Everything you see was stitched by hand. You’ve got pink elephants raising martini glasses on card wallets. Foxhunts and flying pigs on belts. Shotguns and shells sewn onto leather-lined flasks.

And they’ll stitch your initials onto almost anything.

This works best if you have a first, middle and last name.


Tucker Blair Showroom
66 Beacon St, Ste 221
Boston, MA, 02108


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