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A Bunker of Swedish Winter Armor in Back Bay

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First, the bad news.

That snowing/raining/freezing thing that happened yesterday... that’s going to keep happening for a while.

Now, the good news: the Swedes are here. And they brought axes and parkas.

They brought Fjällräven, a Scandinavian bunker of weather-defying jacketry that also happens to have axes, backpacks and beeswax, now soft-open on Newbury just in time for winter to get worse.

So, Sweden. You already trust them to make swimsuit models and Skarsgårds. And fish. But you should also trust them to make your new jacket in a beeswax-coated fabric called “G-1000,” which is basically winter armor that sounds like it’s from the future. (1966, actually.)

In fact, you’ll find plenty of G-1000 inside this place. Because almost everything is made out of it, from the fleece-lined Greenland parkas to the Technicolor Kanken laptop bags. And they have an in-store station where they can rewax your gear, should your DIY bee colony project go south.

Then you’re ready to do winter things. Like chopping down your own Christmas tree. Because they also sell axes from a 112-year-old Swedish axe maker called Gränsfors Bruk. And each axe has the initials of its maker etched into the blade.

Yep. You just got an autograph from an axe celebrity.


304 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02115


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