Force of Habit

An Alarm That Makes You a Better Person

None Woke up.
Banged out 200 words of the Great American Novel you’ve been working on.

All in all, you had a fairly typical Monday morning.

Now, in case you forgot to do any of the above, there’s HabitClock, a brilliantly simple iPhone app designed to turn you into a morning person. But the non-annoying kind.

It’s basically just a little reminder-bot that helps you develop productive AM routines. The concept is based on the theory that the world’s most productive and creative people tend to get stuff done early and keep a tight schedule. (We’ll assume Keith Richards wasn’t surveyed.)

You’ll start by compiling a list of your usual morning tasks. Brush teeth. Take shower. Etc. Then you just pop in other things you’d also like to work into that routine. Eating a real breakfast, for example. Maybe doing 10 sit-ups right after breakfast. Perhaps reading 10 pages of Ulysses (or at least 10 blog posts recapping True Detective). Whatever. This thing keeps you on track with gentle alerts to actually do it.

Then, before you realize it, your new routine is second nature. Suddenly, you’re smarter, richer, productive-er and much, much more highly effective.

And you have abs to prove it.

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