Cell Block

This App Detects Phone Intruders

None Look, we get it.

It’s not that you don’t trust anybody with your phone, it’s just...

... Actually, no that’s pretty much it.

You’re not paranoid, you’re just downloading Catchr, a simple iPhone app with a single, important function: to tell you if someone’s been meddling with your phone, available now.

Happy day for CIA operatives, celebrities, high-profile businessmen, adulterers, Edward Snowden and people who respect the sanctity of the text message. You’ve now got something that’ll let you see if anybody’s been using your phone—what they opened and when they closed it—when you’re not around.

So nothing to really think about here. You’re clearly downloading this. Then you’re just sticking the app in a discreet folder and resting comfortably with the knowledge that if anyone accesses or moves your phone (yep, this thing is also GPS-enabled), you’ll know.

And the more you know...

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