Fit Factor

Fire Your Trainer. Hire This App.

None Looks like that thing with the cold and the ice is happening again.

Which means wherever you are right now is probably where you’ll be until tomorrow.

So unless you’re currently on a stationary bike, you may want to see this...

This being Quick Fit, an app that gives you a complete workout in the same amount of time it takes a couple of teenagers to get to second base in a coat closet, available now for iPhone.

Seven minutes. That’s all this app requires. Well, seven minutes and a desire to do 12 high-intensity exercises for 30 seconds each with 10-second breaks in between. We know, a minute longer and you were out.

This thing has been scientifically proven to work. (And if you can’t trust science...) So download it, agree to a standard disclaimer and follow along with rapid-fire video demonstrations of tricep dips, side planks and, like, 300 additional seconds’ worth of fitness.

Oh, and if you’d prefer your workouts to be focused on a single muscle group, you can always purchase extra programs targeted to things like your abs. Helpful for beach season.

Or snow shoveling.

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