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Handsome Speakers from Denmark

None You’d think inventing the Danish would be license to rest on your laurels for eternity.

But no, Denmark is at it again.

And this time, they made you a speaker.

Cue up a playlist for Copenhagen by Vifa, a statement-making speaker that’ll fill your home with music while being all attractive about it, available online now.

This isn’t the typical black box eyesore that sits next to your TV. No, this is more of a portable conversation piece. One that’s contained in a matte polished aluminum frame and hides its components behind a textile cover reminiscent of a wool blazer. So it’ll blend right in with your furniture. Well, until it starts playing a guitar solo. Then the jig’s up.

Like most things, acquiring one begins with the Internet. So hop on their website and take a look around. Pick from one of six colors like black, gray, red or yellow. Then, once it’s yours, just set it someplace that might appreciate crisp sound emanating from a well-dressed rectangle. Your living room, the kitchen, your shower (maybe not your shower).

Then pull out something with Bluetooth and start streaming music to your new speaker. And... that’s it.

Make sure the volume’s up.

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