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Pioneering the Slopes of Azerbaijan

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There’s a first time for everything.

Like colonizing the sun.

Or competitive skydive-yodeling.

Or skiing the uncharted backcountry slopes of Azerbaijan.

Maybe let someone else handle the first two...

Because you’re gearing up for Azerbaijan Ski Discovery, an 11-day journey upon which you’ll ski where no (sane) human has ever skied before—specifically, some really remote mountains in Azerbaijan, taking reservations now.

Here’s what happened: a few brazen ski guides looked at Google Earth, saw some snowcapped peaks in Azerbaijan and agreed that they’re pretty sure you could ski there, even though almost nobody ever has.

So if you’re comfortable going full Lewis and Clark on skis in Central Asia, book a flight to Baku for early March. You’ll meet your guides. You’ll head for some 14,000-foot mountains with names like Bazardüzü, take some pictures and then head back home. Just kidding. You’ll rip down a bunch of jagged mountains and probably feel like you’re in a Warren Miller video.

In terms of sleeping arrangements, you’ll mostly stay with local villagers while out in the backcountry. So it’d probably be wise to bring a gift.

Probably not a Starbucks gift card, though.

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