This Curated Driving Tour Pairs Supercars with Michelin Stars

Cruise Through France on an Ultra-Luxe Adventure

Image: Ultimate Driving Tours

The road trip is a quintessential summer activity, as countless travelers hit the open road with their favorite companions, the perfect playlist and plenty of snacks.

It's hard to improve on this classic adventure. Except maybe if you traded in your usual car for a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And skipped the gas station sandwich for a series of elaborate Michelin-starred tasting menus in France.

Then we could see how it's an improvement.

Ultimate Driving Tours is the world’s leading operator of luxury driving holidays, and they're hosting a Gourmet Driving Tour Through France that takes travelers across iconic roads, into celebrated wine regions and Michelin-starred restaurants. Itineraries begin this June.

ultimate driving tours European adventure
ultimate driving tours

Drive from Lyon to Epernay, via Beaujolais, Burgundy and Champagne, and take part in epicurean experiences created by renowned chefs at some of the world’s best restaurants. Better yet, do all that while cutting through the French countryside in a fleet of supercars and luxury grand tourers.

That's just one option, but there are other itineraries that explore Italy, Switzerland and more scenery-laden countries.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the road.

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