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A Bike Helmet That Folds into Nothing

None Here’s the thing about foldable bike helmets.


Oh, right. They exist now.

Prepare for weird impact with Morpher, a new breakthrough in things-that-don’t-sound-safe-but-totally-are technology, available for preorder now and shipping this spring.

It all started when an English gentleman took a nasty tumble on his bike and thought something like, “If I didn’t have a helmet on, I could have expired. So I think I’ll create a cool foldable one that people won’t mind carrying around, that way they won’t expire either.” Thanks, English gentleman.

Because, think about it. Now, the next time you’re taking a ride down Valencia or going to work or trying to look like a Tron extra, you’ll not only be doing so safely, but you’ll be able to conceal the evidence once you get where you’re going.

The whole thing collapses down to just a couple of inches (kind of looks like a Belgian waffle when it’s in stealth mode) and is every bit as safe as a normal helmet.

And in other strange but wonderful news: they’re hoping to get these things in vending machines in the future.

No word on a Cool Ranch option just yet.

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