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A Communal Office Above a Bar

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Cove, a new communal work space officially opening on Wednesday above Barcelona Wine Bar on 14th.

This is basically one of those lofty-looking office spaces—counter stools, easy chairs—that you can crash as much as you’d like.

If you’re flying solo (e.g., cranking out your forthcoming biography, The Life and Times of Nene), just sign up for however many monthly hours you think you’ll use. Reserve a desk, walk in like you own the place (well, part of it) and help yourself to wi-fi, printing, bottomless coffee and a semblance of routine.

But if you’re prepping your business plan for your jetpack that runs on compost, you’ll need somewhere for your team of FAA regulatory experts to assemble. Good thing you also get a set number of conference-room hours every month.

And if the coffee isn’t quite cutting it, you can take your Draper- and Sterling-ish tendencies right downstairs to the aforementioned Barcelona Wine Bar, where you’ll have all the Rioja and chorizo you deserve at your disposal.

Those guys loved chorizo.


1624 14th St NW
(between R and Corcoran)
Washington, DC, 20005


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