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Turning Your GIFs into Holiday Cards

None So about all those holiday cards you haven’t written yet...

Nice work. Very savvy.

It’s almost like you knew someone was about to invent this.

Argue about the proper pronunciation of Gifpop, a website that’ll turn any GIF into an actual animated card, online now.

Right. So we’re proposing that you send this in place of your typical season’s greetings this year. Because, trust us, there’s nothing your friends and family want for the holidays more than to see an infinite loop of you suggestively cracking chestnuts over and over and over and over and over again.

Anyway, it’s all really simple to set up. Just go to your computer and upload any GIF or Instagram video to the site. Then, some folks in Brooklyn use a special machine (probably a printer) to print a 5-by-5-inch card that’ll play your animation when it’s turned from side to side. Card is mailed to you. You write on the back. Attach stamps. Mail the card to a loved one.

And that’s how Gifpop and the US Postal Service work.

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