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Canada’s Making Bulletproof Suits Now

None We live in a dangerous world.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life.

But we also live in a world that has bulletproof suits now, so...

Laugh in the face of danger with the Bulletproof Suit, an unsuspectingly handsome, custom-tailored suit that also happens to... right. It’s available now from Toronto’s Garrison Bespoke.

It’s like this: these tailors are widely considered the best in Canada. And you’ve got a very particular set of skills. Maybe the Liam-Neeson-in-Taken kind. Maybe the Liam-Neeson-leading-a-budget-meeting kind. Point is, these guys just learned how to weave 9mm-proof carbon nanotubes into peak lapels, so we figured you should know one another.

Style-wise, you won’t notice anything crazy here. Just your standard three-piece pinstripe. But on the inside, you’ve got a thinner, lighter version of nanotech-enhanced military fabric that’s 50% stronger than Kevlar. Translation: it’s 100% capable of stopping a piece of metal traveling faster than the speed of sound.

So assuming your life is worth the price of a new Mazda (it’ll set you back $20K), give them a call. Then, when it arrives, wear it anytime you need to be both dapper and impervious to bodily harm.

Or if your name is a three-digit number.

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