Fear Factor

The Most Intimidating Meeting Spots

A little give-and-take, a little horse trading. It’s all usually fine when it comes to getting business done. Other times, well, they just need to see it your way. Below: five places to help you ensure that happens. It beats dangling them off a building by their ankles.

Aboard the USS Sequoia

Aboard the USS <em>Sequoia</em>

The Plan: Talk to the folks at the Ritz-Carlton. They’ll help you book a private cruise on the former presidential yacht where JFK held his final birthday party and Truman played poker. They’ll even throw in a limo ride to and from, a butler and a pianist.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “How deep do you think this water is?”

Available through November, $17,000 and up, The Ritz-Carlton, 1150 22nd St NW, reserve at 202-912-4159

Hamam Spa at Washington Sports Clubs

Hamam Spa at Washington Sports Clubs

The Plan: Arrange some one-on-one face time at this, Washington Sports’ only Turkish spa. Disrobe (mostly). Methodically work your way through steam rooms, heated slabs of marble and cool showers. Insist that they relax.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “Now you’ve got nothing to hide.”

The Wine Room at the Mansion on O St

The Wine Room at the Mansion on O St

The Plan: Grab up to a dozen people who need... persuading. You’ll find this stone wine cellar, complete with stained glass and a hearth with carved lion heads, behind one of this place’s 32 secret doors. They’ll wonder where the hell they are.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “No one knows this place is here. Or that we’re here.”

Maryland Live Casino

Maryland Live Casino

The Plan: Arrange a summit with 10 or so would-be rivals. Commandeer a table with your own dealer. Put on a pair of sunglasses. Start staring them down. Channel those poker guys from ESPN2.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “Do you feel lucky?”

The “Deep Throat” Parking Space

The “Deep Throat” Parking Space

The Plan: You’re trying to divulge a secret in just the right way. So here you are, at 2am, right where Mark Felt and Bob Woodward used to meet. But hurry up about it—the building is marked for demolition.
The Cold-Blooded Line: “What I know could bring down world leaders.”

Space 32D, parking garage at 1401 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA

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