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Here’s How to Use Chop Shop

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Big news in the world of butcher shops that are also bars.

Specifically: they exist.

Ta-da: Chop Shop and 1st Ward, a butcher shop, bar, restaurant and gigantic space for your next party, opening Friday.

There’s a lot to take in here. So we’ve broken it down into three ways you’ll want to use this place...

For meaty tailgating. 
Swing by the deli counter—it’s run by Minelli’s, the renowned Italian butcher—where you can order protein-rich platters for game day. They’ve got mortadella, capicola, Genoa salami, everything. But if you just want lunch, grab a meatball sandwich.

For eating pork chops and drinking cold beers.
Past the deli case, you’ll find leather booths and a butcher-block bar with 18 draft lines. Upstairs, there’s a small dining room overlooking the ‘L’ and a rooftop patio. So summon your friends and some tomahawk-cut pork chops, and get ready to ruthlessly unwind.

For Oktoberfest ragers.
There’s a huge space behind the back bar. That’s 1st Ward. It’s big enough for you and 499 other people. It’s also equipped with A/V equipment and a really nice greenroom. In other words, it’s perfect for your lederhosen-only German beer blowout.

Hasselhoff demands a good greenroom.

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