A Matter of Trust

Handsome Axes for Felling Trees

David Price.

F**king David Price.

That guy just makes you want to grab an axe and chop something.

So, um, here you go...

Line up some logs for Trust Co., a rugged new supply shop that’s peddling hand-forged axes and firewood carriers (because, hey: it’s getting colder), online now.

Before today, you probably didn’t think too much about axe purchases. That’s understandable. But now, there’s this place. And this place is stocked with restored, double-bit axe blades fitted to hickory handles and housed in handsome leather sheathes. And such things come in handy around fireplace season.

So when the time comes (and it’ll come) for you to go wild on an unsuspecting tree, now you know where to turn. Just visit the site, choose something sharp and be on your way. Then, before, say, any wassailing party that’d be improved by freshly hacked wood and a fire in the hearth, break it out and start swinging.

And because all that kindling is going to require a carrying case, well, these guys sell a carrying case. It’s hand-sewn and made of military-grade canvas.

Which seems fitting for an axe.

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