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The Great Bull Run, by the Numbers

None Been a big summer already. Only one item remains on your to-do list: defy death.

Well, let’s get on that. Here comes The Great Bull Run, a Pamplona-like event that has nothing to do with the Civil War and everything to do with avoiding charging male bovines, taking registrations now for August 24.

Now, to be sure, this isn’t for everyone. But if it’s for you, read on as we mine some bull-related data.

Distance from Washington to Pamplona, Spain: 3,818 miles
Distance from Washington to Petersburg, Virginia, where the bulls are running: 131 miles
Length of the drag strip on which you’ll run with them: 0.25 miles
Number of humans running in each heat: 1,000
Number of bulls: 24, in three waves of eight
Horns on each bull: 2
Times you’ll want to come in contact with those horns: 0
Speed at which the bulls run: 15 miles per hour
Speed at which you run: not that fast
Ways to get out of the way: 3 (dodge them, duck into a nook along the fence or just climb the fence)
Beers they’ll give you when it’s over: 1
Beers they should give you when it’s over: lots


The Great Bull Run
at Virginia Motorsports Park
8018 Boydton Plank Rd
Petersburg, VA, 23803

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