Wet Bar

Barhopping Your Way Down the Potomac

Nothing wrong with taxis. Or your own two feet. But to take your barhopping to the next level, you have to hit the water. First step: get a boat. Second step: get a captain. Third step: know where to drop anchor. For that, read on.

10 Mai Tais in Georgetown

10 Mai Tais in Georgetown

Where you’re docking: Georgetown Harbor.
Where you’re drinking: The outdoor tables at Farmers Fishers Bakers, overlooking the fountain.
What you’re drinking: Mai tais. They’ve rolled out 10 different ones, including the original recipe, punch versions and doubles served in scorpion bowls. A great cure for seasickness.

Micheladas and Margaritas in SW DC

Micheladas and Margaritas in SW DC

Where you’re docking: The Southwest Waterfront.
Where you’re drinking: The open-air dock of Cantina Marina, where there’s often live music, too.
What you’re drinking: Micheladas, hurricanes and Primo margaritas with reposado tequila. Get the salt; you need the electrolytes.

200+ Beers in Old Town

200+ Beers in Old Town

Where you’re docking: Alexandria Marina.
Where you’re drinking: Pizzeria Paradiso. It’s a block from the water, but it’s worth it.
What you’re drinking: Beer. From 15 taps and 200 cans and bottles. And through Sunday, all those taps are devoted to IPAs. Which, you know, were designed to survive long voyages.

A Rum-Logged Sunset Special

A Rum-Logged Sunset Special

Where you’re docking: National Harbor.
Where you’re drinking: The sunset deck at McLoone’s Pier House, the rare Jersey Shore import that you welcome with open arms.
What you’re drinking: The Rum Bucket, a blend of five rums and three juices.

A Crab Shack in Dumfries

A Crab Shack in Dumfries

Where you’re docking: Dumfries, VA. Yes, really. Just make sure you’ve gassed up the boat.
Where you’re drinking: The huge dock at Tim’s Rivershore crab shack.
What you’re drinking: Cheap beer. Not that it will matter at this point. Your attention will be on a bushel of crabs—and retreating to your bunk below deck.

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