Trask Force

Your Catch Me if You Can Bags Are Here

The quicker you finish everything, the quicker you can hit the road and go wherever it is you’re going this weekend.

We get that.

We also get that you love bags.

So, um...

Here’s Andover Trask, an Atlanta-based menagerie of casual-but-not-too-casual canvas bags perfect for any Vespa-friendly locales you may find yourself in this summer, available online now.

A local guy makes these. Name’s Matt. Sources all his leather from Georgia. And simply put, they’re travel bags. The kinds of mechanisms you fill with things and throw over your shoulder before asking your neighbor to keep an eye on the mail.

You’ve got a couple options here. There’s that adequately SFW white canvas number with the hand-hammered rivets. It’d be perfect for a laptop or whatever. Neat. Great.

But for your upcoming adventure to wherever it is you’re having an upcoming adventure, go for one of the standard bags. You’ll know which one. Reddish-orange bottom. Navy body. White stripes. Looks like a deconstructed American flag reassembled into a road-trip-friendly champagne holster.

And if you want to test-drive it in person, they’ve got a few at the Indie-pendent in VaHi right now.

We’ll also accept test-swinging-it-around-in-a-circle.

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