ROC of Ages

An Obstacle Course Inspired by Game Shows

None You’ve got nothing against getting all extreme on a weekend here and there, up to and including racing through mud pits, barbed wire and walls of flame.

And yet, well, we’re talking about a summer weekend. So maybe something a little less Parris Island and a little more... prime-time game show is in order. Yeah, with waterslides and moon bounces.

So might want to sign up for the ROC Race (which stands for Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge), a not-very-Spartan-at-all 5K taking registrations now to run on the RFK Stadium grounds on August 10.

This is somewhat akin to Wipeout, without the TV cameras rolling. And, yeah, it isn’t quite up there with Theismann-to-Monk in the annals of great RFK Stadium sporting moments.

But still, you get to play this time. You’ll do all the regular race stuff—pick up your race packet, bib, T-shirt. Then it’s time to get to the... irregular stuff. Like highway barriers, tires and a lot of inflatable things like wrecking balls, moon bounces and waterslides.

And when you’ve conquered your last rope swing, it’s on to live music and beer gardens.

Which sounds a bit more like your average RFK experience. 

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