Bike Messengers at Your Beck and Call

None A bottle of cognac. A catcher’s mask. A hatchet.

All things you might need right now.

Also, things you can’t get delivered right now.

Oh, wait, yes you can.

Say hello to Urban Delivery, a new app-based service that lets you get anything delivered within an hour via bike, available now.

We won’t make this into more than it is. It’s a team of bike messengers that you summon via smartphone any time of day or night. Simple enough. And yet, the possibilities...

Say you suddenly decide to have a clambake in your backyard. For breakfast. But you really can’t trust last night’s guests alone in your house unsupervised. So you’ll pull up this app, then tell them you’ll need a shovel and a bushel of clams and some eggs, and where you’d like them to procure these items.

They’ll dispatch a messenger, who’ll even pay for it all and charge it to your account in the app. Then you can track said messenger’s progress toward your house.

Just remember the two criteria: your quarry has to be a) for sale in the city and b) able to be carried on a bike.

A suit of armor: probably out of the question.

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