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The Bulletproof Pocket Square

UrbanDaddy - The Damned Sacrifices must be made.
In trying times like these, we're forced to take a long hard look in the mirror and determine what's truly essential.
And if that means not buying a new pocket square and a new bulletproof vest today, well, then that's just another soul-crushing choice you're going to have to make.
Introducing The Damned, a new bulletproof pocket square available now from the paranoid sartorialists at Sruli Recht.
Think of The Damned as a devilishly handsome security blanket perfectly suited for our violent times. It's the kind of garment Q would have cooked up in James Bond's Roger Moore phase. The square itself is made from military-grade ballistic-strength Aramid Fibre—which means it can stop a bullet point blank when folded over 5 times. (And as a bonus it comes in a dreamy shade of yellow.)
Because even if you're not embroiled in a heated lover's quarrel, you're bound to have a run-in with a fallen financier at some point in the near future.
And you'll be ready for both his tears and his rage.

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