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Custom-Crafted Bikes on Clybourn

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It’s bike season.

So, obviously, you need four simple things.

1) New bike.
2) Helmet.
3) Water bottle.
4) Head-to-toe, 3D laser scan of your entire body.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so obvious.

But it will be. After you go here: Roll, a bike shop that harnesses sophisticated computers and the latest in laser scanners to make sure your booty-comfort is fully maximized, now open in Lincoln Park.

Upon entering, you’ll think it’s just a cool bike shop. You’re kind of right. All those bikes for sale: dead giveaway. They stock road bikes, mountain bikes, those big funky beach cruisers. If it has two wheels, they have it.

You could play the odds and select one at random. One of their salespeople could eyeball you, have you stand over the bike, take some educated guesses, make a few adjustments, then ask, “Hmm. How’s that?” And you could be on your way.

But step into that tall cylinder in the center of the shop and stand still for a few seconds. A laser measures your arms, torso and legs. From there, a computer makes a 3D model of your body that tells you the ideal saddle height, seat position and handlebar level down to the last centimeter for any bike in the shop.

Now if only it worked for bike shorts.


2163 N Clybourn Ave
(between Southport and Wayne)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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