Harry Situation

Some Exquisite New Clothes from London

This is the story of a man named Harry.

A man who was born in England. And went off to the army. And sailed the seven seas.

And how it all resulted in some exquisite new clothes for you...

Give a bloody warm welcome to Harry Stedman, a London-based purveyor of wearable delights that’s just begun sending its wares to the good side of the pond, online now.

So, back to Harry: in the ’50s, he was a real British James Dean type. Loved adventure and quality habiliments. Naturally, his son entered the quality-habiliment game, and named his store accordingly. And then, to satisfy Americans’ innate trouser-donning abilities, he decided to make stateside sales a thing.

Your first instinct: the jackets—the kind of chiseled-yet-softhearted things that are basically Daniel Craig in jacket form. And those will be great for spring. But move on to the shirts: just super-simple, well-tapered oxfords perfect for visiting Oxford (or lending to beautiful strangers who may or may not have attended Oxford).

And while almost everything is made in centuries-old English textile factories, you can also pick up some superb grooming products from California.

It just feels better when you pay in pounds.

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