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JP’s New Record Shop, by the Numbers

None The neighborhood record store: not really around too much anymore. Something to do with the music industry in shambles/Sean Parker. But it appears to be making a comeback. Or at least there’s a new one in Jamaica Plain called Deep Thoughts, now open. Here’s a statistical breakdown.

Random polaroids on the wall: 10
Number of which involve a man punching a heavy bag: 1
Vinyl records you can purchase: too many to count, probably over 1,000
Categories the LPs are broken into: 18
LPs in the “Demented Stuff” category: 45
Velvet Underground albums in the ’60s category: 4
Local artists used to design their basement performance space: 20
People it could fit for a show: 40 to 50
Likelihood of being able to hear an acoustic set down there soon: 99%
Shelves stocked with used books, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs: 21
Ratio of Philip K. Dick to Hunter S. Thompson used books for sale: 5:1
Cassette tapes to browse through: 506
Phish concert bootleg cassettes circa 1995: 4
Purple Rain soundtracks on cassette: 1
Purple Rain soundtracks—on cassette or otherwise—one should own: at least 1


Deep Thoughts
138B South St
Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130

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