Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry On

A Little Kit for Mixing Mid-Flight Cocktails

None Soon: turkey.

Sooner: landing where the turkey is.

In between: mixing your own cocktails at 30,000 feet.

Make sure your seat is in the full upright position for the Carry On Cocktail Kit, a little tin case that magically transforms a bottle of airline liquor into a real-deal Old Fashioned, now available online and at the Boston Shaker.

So you’d like to kick back with a well-made drink in hand and contemplate how tiny everything looks down there. The obvious way to make that happen is to fix a cocktail at home and walk it through security.

But because no one’s going to get away with that, this is the next best thing: a portable bar full of all the tools and ingredients you need to turn that airline nip of brown liquor into an Old Fashioned. Such as:

—Two packets of unrefined demerara sugar.
—Small-batch bitters from Brooklyn.
—A miniature stainless-steel bar spoon/muddler.
—A linen coaster.
—A recipe card in case you forgot to bring reading material.

Just add alcohol, and (magical sound effect)... Old Fashioneds for two.

Two. That’s cute.


Carry On Cocktail Kit
available at the Boston Shaker
69 Holland St
Somerville, MA, 02144

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