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THE DEFENDANTS: Japanese stationery and alpaca blankets.

THE CLAIM: “Things” can’t make you happy.

THE VERDICT: Yes. Yes they can.

All rise for Loyal Supply Co., a little shop of wonders solely dedicated to making everyday life just a bit more attractive, now open in Union Square.

Sort of looks like the most aesthetically pleasing toolshed you’ve ever seen in here—white pegboard walls. A functional 1911 letterpress. Enough wonderfully random objects to make Wes Anderson weep. (They’re right here in this slideshow.)

Perhaps you have an unusual amount of industrial designers on your gift list. Maybe you just have a deep and abiding respect for Japanese industry. Whatever the case, you’ll find:

Exceptionally small potted plants.
For when normal-small won’t cut it.

Pens and notebooks from Japan.
The pens: ballpoint Delfonics rarely seen outside of the home island. The notebooks: exquisite numbers from Postalco with water-resistant cotton covers. Earth-shattering ideas sold separately.

Botanical scented candles.
If your house doesn’t smell like fennel poppy seed, these will fix that.

Alpaca/lambswool blankets knit in Santiago.
Like turning the heat on, but softer.

Beard soap.
Courtesy of Hudson, in scents like cedar clove and citron neroli.

We just made a big assumption about you having a beard.


Loyal Supply Co.
21A Union Sq
Somerville, MA, 02143


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