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A New Gym with Tires, Ropes and Kegs

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All this basketball has sure inspired you. Mostly to watch more basketball.

But while you’re on a three-day hiatus from NCAA hoops, it’s time to be inspired in another direction. An athletic direction.

Here to help: BodySmith Gym and Studios, now reopen in a big new location on 14th Street to make you stronger and faster. And then hand you a carrot juice.

You remember these guys. Used to be half a block away. Had an outdoor area with sandbags, large rocks, pull-up bars, etc. Well, they moved into a two-story former car-repair shop. Gone are the grease stains and air compressors. In are a juice bar and bamboo flooring.

You might still see a couple tires on the first floor, however, where personal training goes down. After you get into the right headspace in the private locker room, you’ll start flipping those tires, kicking and punching 120-pound mannequins and doing all sorts of other Rocky IV–type stuff.

If you want to go it alone, the second floor is your spot, where you’ll find cushioned treadmills (designed for NFL players) looking over 14th, and a circuit-training room with kegs to toss and giant ropes (presumably for tug-of-war battles). 

In the works: a rooftop with artificial turf for morning classes, plus a deck for more leisurely pursuits.

So bring your backgammon set.


BodySmith Gym and Studios
1630 14th St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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