Sphere Factor

A Camera That’ll Shoot 360-Degree Video

None Citizen Kane. Raging Bull. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

There’s one thing that all these masterpieces have in common.

You have no idea what’s happening just out of frame.

Pull the curtain back on Sphericam, a quirky new video camera that’ll simultaneously shoot 360 degrees’ worth of footage, available now.

In short: it’s a sphere. It’s a camera. It’s a Sphericam. What you’ve got is a big round gray ball, with four lenses peeking out at 90-degree intervals to create one extremely wide image. Turn this thing on in front of a park bench and you’re not just recording a scene with Kate Bosworth for your new unscripted indie—which is a satirical look at unscripted indies that star Kate Bosworth—you’ll also catch everything happening “behind” the camera. So, remember... duck.

Okay, maybe not that. But it’ll record for up to three hours, so if you want to capture your cookout for posterity, and you’re extremely serious about capturing every... last... moment, you can set this up in the middle of the backyard, go about your business, and it’ll film everything. Start to finish. Porch to fence. Resulting in one sort of fish-eye-looking stream of HD video.

Exercise caution when placing boom mics.

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