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Glaciers and Heli-Skiing in Canada

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A River Runs Through It.

Great movie. Better vacation.

Meet Into the Wild, an adventuresome new jaunt through Canada’s raw wilderness, taking reservations now for the March thaw.

Imagine your last trip to Aspen. The champagne, the hot tubs, the... hot tubs filled with champagne. Now imagine the rough-and-tumble opposite. That’s this. (Though actually, they kept the hot tubs.)

It starts with a floatplane ride to the mountains of Vancouver Island. There, you’ll connect with your guides and the cozy three-cabin riverfront lodge that’ll be your base of operations for the week. (Pro tip: it’s where the hot tubs are.)

At that point, you’ll stare down a three-part plan for success.

Part one: the A River Runs Through It part. We’re talking fly-fishing for trout and salmon. Hiking through rain forests. Clam digging, rappelling down waterfalls and pitching your own campsite at the toe of a glacier, which happens to sit on one of the highest peaks in British Columbia (the appropriately named Rugged Mountain).

Part two: the ski part. Heli: yes. Cross-country: sure. Glacier: abso-f**king-lutely. That last one includes strapping animal hides to your skis, so... there’s that.

Part three: the comedown. You’ll be relaxing your fatigued muscles in some of Canada’s hot springs before summoning your guide for an impromptu local wine tasting.

Repeat as necessary.

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