Morning Glory

Where to Drink Before the Sun Comes Up

Well, here they come. Family. Friends. Family friends. They’ll all be at your place soon, celebrating the joys of Christmas. Yep. Time for an escape plan. Herewith: five spots you can sneak away to for a few hours. That happen to start serving cocktails at the crack of dawn.

UD - A Quiet Café for Sunrise Wine

A Quiet Café for Sunrise Wine

You’re arriving at: 6:30am.
For: Mulled wine. Wine-wine. Maybe an espresso. Probably not, though.
Because: Mornings are for peace and quiet and reading papers. And that’s difficult with relatives around. So leave and go here instead. Grab a mug of hot spiced wine and a spot on the couch. And then probably fall back asleep.

UD - There’s Vodka in Your Syrup

There’s Vodka in Your Syrup

You’re arriving at: 6:30am.
For: The specialty cocktail of the day. Think eggnog lattes and syrup cocktails.
Because: They have pancakes and maple syrup here. But more importantly, they have things like the Maple Butter Kiss here. It’s vodka, butterscotch schnapps and syrup. Get a tall stack.

UD - Chicken and Moonshine for Breakfast

Chicken and Moonshine for Breakfast

You’re arriving at: 7:30am.
For: Moonshine tea and cactus pear margaritas.
Because: Emergencies happen. And sometimes those emergencies require you to procure a stiff cocktail at 7:30am. You’re thinking an Appalachian Trace (that’s rye whiskey, cranberries and fall bitters) should pair nicely with your chicken and waffles. Good thinking.

UD - Breakfast Date. Beer. Sure.

Breakfast Date. Beer. Sure.

You’re arriving at: 8am.
For: Rye pale ales and Argentine reds.
Because: You and a date were the last ones standing at a holiday party. It was late. It was spectacular. It led straight to this place for egg panini and bottles of Jailhouse Misdemeanor Ale before calling it a night. Or morning. We’re confused now.

UD - Your First Meal: Spiked Milkshakes

Your First Meal: Spiked Milkshakes

You’re arriving at: 9am.
For: Key lime and bourbon chocolate milkshakes.
Because: A key lime pie shake with gin, lime juice and graham cracker crumbs. That’s why. It’s the kind of thing you could take to work or whatever. To the naked eye, it looks like you’re drinking a milkshake. To the naked tongue, you’re not.

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