Be It Resolved...

Introducing Your Anti-Resolutions

In just a short week or so, you’ll probably make a resolution. Or at least tell people you’re making a resolution. Either way, they’ll forgive you if you opt for an unseemly quantity of indulgence from now until then. Here are a few ideas.

UD - Grilled Cheese. Burger. Grilled Cheese.

Grilled Cheese. Burger. Grilled Cheese.

Burgers with bacon and onion: great. Grilled cheese: fantastic. A bacon-onion burger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches where the bun would normally be: well, we’re talking fall-of-Rome-type stuff. Deconstruction optional.

UD - Stashing Your Cigars Under Lock and Key

Stashing Your Cigars Under Lock and Key

Bad news: this new cigar-focused lounge by the Draper tobacco guys, with its library of brown liquors and food by Bryan Voltaggio, won’t be open until next month. Good news: you can already lay claim to one of their leather-paneled, cedar-lined lockers. Like a safe-deposit box for your stogies.

UD - Getting Gourmet Doughnuts Delivered

Getting Gourmet Doughnuts Delivered

Soon, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken will bloom downtown, serving you up flavors like maple bacon, crème brûlée and PB&J. Better sample them now. Fortunately, they’ll bring them to you by the dozen, so long as you’re around Metro Center. Borrow an office if you have to.

UD - Beer. And a Hotel Room. And Beer.

Beer. And a Hotel Room. And Beer.

Spa treatments are fine, but as far as next-level hotel amenities, you’ll take beer. This package at Alexandria’s Lorien Hotel gets you shuttled to Port City Brewing for a tour and tasting, two more beers in your room and some brewery swag. Beyond that, it’s between you and the mini fridge.

$169 and up, Fri-Sun through March at the Lorien Hotel & Spa, 1600 King St, Alexandria, VA, 703-894-3434

UD - Eating the World’s Most Expensive Beef

Eating the World’s Most Expensive Beef

Before you go all vegetarian in Q1, there’s this: authentic Japanese Wagyu beef, now available in the United States again after an importation hiatus. Bourbon Steak is serving up A5 grade (yes, that’s the highest) in tartare and steak form. Plus the chef is doing just five burgers with it every Monday night. PS: It’s Monday.

Burger $95, available Monday evenings, steak and tartare $35/ounce, available anytime at Bourbon Steak, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 202-944-2026

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