Supper Time

Inviting Internet Friends to Dinner

None Your cooking produces many things.

Wonderment. Ecstasy. Celebrity chefs sensing a threat and placing a price on your head.

But today, let’s focus on the first two. And how you’ll use them to invite near-strangers to your door. To make money.

Dig right in to SupperKing, a new app that allows you to assemble, or just find, at-home dinner parties, available now for iPhone.

This is the next logical step in a world beset by frantic food Instagramming. Instead of just sending those culinary-pornographic images into the void, this lets you parlay the people’s appreciation of your quiche into an organized dinner party at your place (it’s not a party until a stranger shows up demanding your cucumber dip).

Execution is pretty easy. Just download this and set a date for your dinner party. Then, give a description of your meal (e.g., “Fruity Pebbles Done Right”), upload a picture of what can be expected, and invite friends and contacts to join. Oh, and remember to charge money, if you want to.

And if you’re just in search of a quality home-cooked meal that doesn’t involve you cooking, you can also use this app to find public dinner parties in town.

Dinner party crashing. Owen Wilson would be proud.

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